Mistral Princeton

Has anyone been?

We are heading in to see the art museum Saturday and decided to eat lunch at Mistral beforehand. From the online menu, I am leaning towards the uni.

Otherwise I’ll report back here afterwards.

We’ve been to Mistral several times. Our most recent visit was last August, so I can’t give you any advice re: the current menu since it’s totally different. However, what I can say is that the food has always been delicious, so I don’t think you can go wrong no matter what you order.

Photo set of our August dinner at Mistral

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The short of it is that everything was very good, which is a good thing as they are also fairly expensive.

They have a good cocktail program with some interesting house drinks. The space is well laid out and I really liked looking at the outdoor space too. We shared some savory chorizo beignets, areally top notch burger, and a fried chicken sandwich which was also good but I thought the kimchi gratuitous. All in all a solid meal and one of the best I’ve had in Princeton.

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Glad to hear you were pleased with the food at Mistral. Not that I thought you wouldn’t be…

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Seal, thanks for your report. We go out to lunch more often than we go out to dinner so this is very helpful.

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