Mistake in "Burnt" - No spoilers

I am curious if anyone else noticed…

In the new movie “Burnt” where the chef is looking for his 3rd star I thought I caught a major blunder on the part of the director and editor.

The scene in the kitchen immediately prior to sending the food to the Michelin “guest.”

Michelin shows up and the chef is super-careful to wipe every inch of the edge of the plate so there are no fingerprints when served. The FOH is called and as they grab the plates from the pass they put their fingerprints all over the edges, and the Chef does not catch it. So the fingerprinted-plates go to the table for the Michelin reviewers.

I turn to my wife (we were watching on a plane and say, “no way that plate leaves the kitchen in a real kitchen looking for star #3.”

Did anyone else see this?