Mississauga's looking to be the next Scarborough-style food destination

Suresh Doss has teamed up with Visit Mississauga to create food tourism. Here’s Ep1.


Does anyone know what is good near the International Centre Conference Center on Airport Rd?

The only place I’ve visited nearby, that isn’t a typical chain one finds in every Canadian suburb, is Zet’s , a diner with massive portions. They serve good souvlaki and good grilled cheese.

Depends what you mean by near. If you mean a quick bite during lunch, I don’t know. But if you mean 15 min drive + possible line outside (don’t know if they take reservations) then Pho Ngoc Yen on the opposite end of the airport.

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I love Zet’s. It was always a reliable stop after a flight until they stopped operating 24/7. I respect that they needed to cut their hours, but it was a bit of a shock not to have it always available.

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Believe it or not, I’ve only eaten there once or twice, before dropping relatives off at the airport. It was TorontoJo who let me know about it a decade ago. She used to fly a lot for business (maybe she still does!)

I almost always take the UPExpress train, GO Bus or a taxi to the airport, so I’ve only eaten nearby when I’ve stopped at Zet’s, or when friends or relatives chose to stay at an airport hotel.

Today , possibly a little time to kill before something at the International Centre. I’d be getting a take-out snack or take-out dinner.

Thanks for the rec!

I love Zet’s onion rings!

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New South African place in Mississauga, Hyperama Lekker https://www.instagram.com/hyperamalekkerca

The site below isn’t functional, IG shows the business is open.

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I want to visit the Apricot Tree at some point, which has Austrian and German desserts, as well as schnitzel

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