Missing Mary? Britain's Best Home Cook on Hulu

Mary Berry is one of three judges in this competition, now airing in America on Hulu.

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We watched this when it was on in the UK earlier in the year - but didnt particularly enjoy it. I think there was an over emphasis on everything being a too contrived & cutesy. I’ll be interested to read comments about it from folk on the western side of The Pond.

I thought the criteria were inconsistent. In discussing the completed dishes, sometimes the judges said presentation was too fancified, because they were looking for home cooking. But other times, one or another of them would say a dish was too rustic or needed garnishing or didn’t look appetizing enough. For everyday meals, garnish and presentation are not a concern in the typical home kitchen. I would have expected the judges to look for flavor first, then texture, with appearance a distant last.

Late to the party but enjoying it.

There was a second series on BBC earlier this year. We didnt bother watching it.