Miss Ollie's (Oakland)

Had a Saturday lunch at Miss Ollie’s in old Oakland a couple weeks ago. On saturdays they serve fried chicken so we gladly ordered them. It was pretty empty when we arrived at around noon. We picked a table and settled down. The service was on the slower slide as the order came about 20 minutes after ordering even though there were only two tables before us. Why the rush? It’s our problem- we didn’t put enough coins in the parking meter.

The chicken was great. There were about 4 5 pieces of mixed dark and white meat. They were lightly breaded, and skilfully fried. not a lot of leftover grease. The seasoning was very well flavored. The only issue? We ran out of them very quickly! The portion was not very big so we filled up with the sides. Wish we had a little more food for the price since its a bit of a self-serve space.

At dinner they are full service, but lunch service is usually not. I’m not sure if there is a price difference between lunch and dinner, and have noticed their prices creeping up slowly since they’ve opened. My experience with the chicken portion size is similar to yours - plenty for one person but not quite enough for two. What did you think of the sides, other than that they were filling? Their potato salad is in my top 3 for potato salads, but there are so many different styles of potato salad that I wouldn’t expect too many people to share the same opinion.

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I finally had their goat curry again tonight. I liked it when I first had it the first 6 months they opened, but once it was taken off their lunch menu, I haven’t found it since. Tonight it was even better than I remembered, with plenty of tender and earthy goat. As great as the fried chicken is, I would opt for the goat any day, it’s not a dish that appears on very many menus.