Mini Food Processor Suggestions


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My Cuisinart 11-cup also died in 2020, after 24 years of heavy use (it was the first appliance I got for my first apartment in college in 1996!). Oddly enough the motor seems to be in fine shape still - it was the bowl and pusher assembly that gave out. The only replacements I can find are after market and cost nearly as much as a new unit. I replaced it with a 14-cup Magimix (which has a mini 4-cup attachment that does come in handy), but I miss my original Cuisinart.


My dad was a teenager on a farm in Canada in the 1930s, and his determination to fix what we owned - and his expectation that things were made to be fix-able - was eventually outrun; perhaps mostly by age, but partly by electronics which he didn’t know how to deal with, and partly by machines that seem designed to prevent repairs.

I’m still kind of prejudiced about machines, not from him but I guess maybe indirectly from watching: I rate a machine’s chance for success a bit higher when I can immediately see how it’s meant to be taken apart. :slight_smile:

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I’ve gotten replacement parts from Cuisinart before. I recall it was always a struggle.


Doing work on Easter!!


I hate to suggest this because it is available only on the secondary market, but THIS OSTER ATTACHMENT is one of my favorite kitchen tools. I now use my standard Cuisinart maybe once a year, if that, but this one several times a week. I use it to chop meat and raw vegetables for ragu, for sandwich spread (potted meat), turning chunks of meat into “hamburger”, “grinding” fish/shellfish for seafood sausage and on and on, It is compact and washes easily, no “funny” edges or grooves. I have one in town, one in the country, and a spare just in case. This one seems in new condition, but I have found them at flea markets or thrift stores also. Heartily recommend, albeit hard to track down intact.

It goes on the standard Oster blender base?


I have two of those minis and they’re still going strong. It’s main use is to kneed a single serving of dough for pasta. I love it.


90% of mines use is what you see, I use it to mince my garlic and shallots which I use in almost every dish.

I took a chance on this one based on excellent reviews because I wanted something mid size. Ended up loving it!! Has 4 blades and a glass bowl. Best of all, the motor portion is separate from the bowl so it rarely gets dirtier than what a minor wipe will take care of.

VonShef Electric Mini Food Chopper – 2 Speed Selection & 5 Cup Glass Bowl 40oz.

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I used to have one of those! Cool!

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Cuisinart FP-8GMP1\ 150x150 Cuisinart FP-8GMP1
Multifunctional kitchen machine with 8 speeds and pulse mode. Smooth control of speed and operating time.

I like this model.

Another variant if you are not satisfied with Cuisinart brand in general is

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor\ 81x150 Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor
The best shredder in terms of functionality that can not only cut or chop vegetables, but also prepare minced meat.

You can also read full reviews and compare the food processors on my blog here.

As it happens, life got busy and I forgot all about this but I did order just the replacement blade. It was like $15 vs a new one at double or so the cost. Hopefully, that will keep my beloved appliance kicking for several more years!