Mind of A Chef moved to Facebook Watch

Apparently Mind of a Chef moved season six to Facebook Watch. What IS that? What does this mean?

I loved the idea of the tablet version when I first heard about it, enjoyed Lucky Peach from the first to last volume, and it was great when I chanced upon Mind of a Chef on PBS.

I REALLY liked watching it on Netflix.

But on Facebook? Facebook Watch? Do I need a new app for that?

Here’s what Eater said.


Mind of a Chef


No idea, but maybe not a good idea when people are deleting their FB accounts in droves right now. Gosh, I follow a local food critic, and she deleted her account!


Ditto, I loved watching it on Netflix as well. It looks like Facebook Watch might not be the only option, at least for Season 6 - the episodes also appear to be here too:


Brief piece from Food & Wine about it:

I won’t be one of the viewers moving to the FB to watch it.

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So it will have a “wider audience”, presumably because “Facebook Watch” is free. PBS can be “free” too. I wonder why it didn’t stay there.

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I’m assuming one needs a FB account to use the service? From a monetization stand point that makes sense, in terms of ad revenue.

I’m going to see how this works. Found this in the process; also from Eater.

David Chang Grows His LA Empire With Massive New Multimedia Company

Link to the FB “channel”?

Mind of A Chef

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Since I don’t have Netflix, I’ll be very glad to watch on FB Watch. Would be great if they made it an option to view previous seasons there as well.

@ElsieDee, I don’t think you need a Facebook account (for now, this may change).

The ones in the link I shared above are actually hosted on Facebook Watch, but embedded on the site (like a YouTube video) for anyone to see:


Thank you, @e_yoko!

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I like that platform much better. It looks like all the previous seasons are there too. The Facebook venue seems really distracting. What does “hosted on Facebook” and “embedded” mean? Feel free to direct me to where I can learn more.

@shrinkrap - I agree that the episodes displayed on their own website page look much cleaner and keeps you away from all the clutter of Facebook. I’m really not too familiar with Facebook Watch as a product, but it’ll be interesting to see how the relationship between them and their publishers evolve over time.

“hosted” - it looks like they are using Facebook as the provider to store, upload and stream their video files. The player that displays the video for you on these pages is owned by Facebook; however, because Mind of a Chef has currently designated those videos as “public”, you don’t need to be a Facebook member to view the videos on their Facebook page or from anywhere else they choose to house references to that original video. If they chose to change those permissions at some point, it’s possible you may need to be a FB member to view the videos, but not for now.

“embedded” - This means that the same video they originally uploaded into Facebook can be inserted into a video player and shown from any other website (in this case, Mind of a Chef’s own website) for people to view, as in the link above.

Hope this helps to explain a few of the terms you asked about above. I’ve also included some related links that might be of interest.


Wow! That’s going to take a minute to process! My daughter is in the digital marketing business, but it still remains a bit mysterious to me.

@shrinkrap - I’ve dabbled in it a bit for my day job, and it’s similarly mysterious to me at times as well. :slight_smile:

Though I understand a few of the reasons for why they did it, I have to admit, I felt a bit sad about it moving off PBS. Somehow, the association to FB now vs. PBS gives the whole thing a different vibe for me.

All said, I’ll still continue watching it, as I think it’s well-produced show with interesting chefs and topics.

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