Mimosas near the BCAE (MA, Boston, Bay Village)

Hello! I’m heading to the Boston Center for Arts and Education in Bay Village for a pop up (for Juliet) on Saturday at 9:30am. I’m not familiar with the neighborhood at all. My friend and I would like to have a mimosa or breakfast cocktail before we head in. Any suggestions? I’m guessing a hotel restaurant will be our best bet at that time of the day. We are open to all atmospheres - friend suggested the South Street Diner, which looks fun but maybe too far of a walk. Thanks for your help! - Kim

Yes, hotels will be the most likely to be open at that time, and there are some nice options closeby. If you want to splurge, you could have a mimosa in a very nice atmosphere at the Bristol Lounge in the Four Seasons. Precinct in the Lowes hotel would work as well.

For a non hotel option, Aquitaine opens at 9a on the weekends. While their smaller bar can be a mob scene while waiting for a table at dinner, I think it would be perfect for your needs.


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2nd Aquitaine. Was our weekend morning hangout back in the days when our daughter studied ballet at the Boston Ballet center around the corner. Can attest to the Mimosa’s there being quaffable.

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Thank you both! I will report back!

Just wanted to report back that we went to the Bristol Lounge. It was lovely. I had never been and it was certainly nice for the holiday season. Our server was friendly and did not make us feel ridiculous for just getting mimosas at 8:30am and no food. LOL.

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