[Milpitas, CA] Sri Surati Thali- Mr. Surati's Gujarati Thali

Trying say this super quickly- Mr. Surati’s Gujarati Thali.

Good luck with that. Luckily, eating the vegetarian Gujarati thali at Sri Surati is much easier.

Today’s thali (unlimited) contained:

  • gawar/ cluster bean curry
  • rajma/ kidney
  • jeera aloo/ potato
  • dal
  • some sour red onion

The carb:

  • roti
  • papad

The sweets

  • sabudana kheer (tapioca dessert)
  • khaman
  • patra

And then a cup of chaas.

Overall the thalis were comfortable home style, with a pretty light hand on the spicing. The standout items for me were the aloo and the kheer. The aloo was savory, well spiced and pretty addictive to me. The kheer was very restrained on the sugar, lightly seasoned with cardamon and made for a perfect dessert (since I don’t like excessive sugar).

Quite solid rotis and papad. The patra was sweet, salty and spicy at once.

The spongy khaman has a certain ‘smokiness’, a taste which I couldn’t quite place, but was certainly appealing.

The dal had a certain sweetness, being Gujarati style and it was also very thin, perhaps a little too much so. The gawar and rajma were slightly on the bland side for me. But I’d much prefer that than unrestrained use of spice.

Solid meal.

The restaurant is run by the father-son Surati tandem. The son was at the till today.

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