Miller Place Bagels Rock

I’m a Brooklyn boy who knows a great (water) bagel when I eat one. Their sign out front says “Best Bagel on Long Island” and I have to agree.
So many LI Bagel shops don’t boil their bagels before baking. You end up with a “Bread Ring.”
You might as well get the faux bagel at Dunkin’.
My garlic bagel had the perfect crispy crust and fluffiness inside.
From now on this is my “GO TO” bagel shop on Long Island.
Great prices and the staff is cheery and professional.Reminder: please include [City] in your post title above. If the topic is about a specific eatery, please click the ‘Add Location’ button to enter the address, so your topic shows up in the Topic Map.

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Hi Thom!! Glad you’re back. I would think LI had good bagels - Queens sure did when I lived there. Westchester is a vast wasteland for a good bagel!!

LI does have many “good” bagel shops that boil their water bagels.
Miller Place Bagels is far superior to the best I have had on LI. A great find.


Gwenn -
Not a great bagel ,but a very good one is the three pak that Trader Joe’s sells. The plain is in a green bag. One of the “tricks” to choosing the best of the bunch is looking for the smallest bagels and more importantly a dark outside - their is some variation, but not alot.

To me, if its in a three pack in a plastic bag I won’t buy it. I get a decent bagel in Hartsdale but I get the mini bagels which are pretty good. But I long for the days of the bagels in DA Bronx!!!

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I can’t imagine a pre packaged bagel being in the “GOOD” category.
The crispy crust is key.
Does TJ boil theirs?
I have noticed that Fairway has excellent bagels in their cafe but not the pre packaged ones in the bread aisle.

Fairway’s bagels in the bread aisle are sold individually in bins, and I assumed were baked in-store, unless things have changed.

Agreed! No bagels or crusty bread in plastic for me. Yes, it’s all about the crust!!! I’m not near a Fairway, but have gone in the past and they did have good bagels.

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Trader Joe’s better bagels are, in fact, in paper bags. We usually buy either the sesame or “everything” versions. They are certainly better than many in actual bagel stores. And, yes, Fairway’s are also decent (by today’s standards.)

Try a Miller Place Bagel. Otherworldly!!!

The tj’s bagels are marked artisan bagels and are boiled then baked. They are only sold in the nyc area and close by. They are$1.99 for 3 and despite a cellophane bag are quite good. as the old saying goes …Try it you’ll like it. At tj’s you can always return them for a refund. They are better than 90% of the bagel shops. try to get a bag with darker sides (they do vary and usually all 3 don’t match, also the less swollen ones are best. They get a fresh delivery every day, so they are always fresh.

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Good to know.

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