Mill Street Bar and Table, Greenwich

Geoff Lazlo who trained with Bill Taibe and Dan Barber has opened his own place in Byram in connection with Back 40 Farms. It’s a redo of an historic building with a number of different dining environments, each with their own appetizing vibe. I particularly liked the bar menu and the cocktails, like the Grilled Margarita. The dining room is a bit loud, but great energy… The offerings are true seed to serving because of the relationship with Back 40 Farm and other local provider including Lazxlo’s own garden. . The wood fired roast chickon was homey and comforting, the flat breads inventive, and the deserts — like the all American Blueberry Shortcake, are total wowwwww, the best in FFC.

Check out preview and review at CTBites

Great to see another old (well maybe former is a better word) CH joining the HO-od.

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