Mill City Cheese Mongers, Lowell MA

Last weekend we stopped into a delightful little jewel box of a cheese shop at Mill No. 5 in Lowell: Mill City Cheese Mongers. I have long been wishing for an artisinal-type cheese shop closer to home. There it was! We bought three cheeses that the owner recommended, and let us taste, before she cut portions to order. The experience was comparable to the Concord Cheese Shop in Concord, Mass. where the owner trained. Though you could think of Mill City as more of a cheese boutique because of its small scale.

The shops in Mill No. 5 are open on limited days and hours, but a fun visit if you are in the area when they’re open. All of the storefronts are indoors on the 4th floor. We caught a movie at the art house Luna Theater in the Mill and then picked up cheeses to take home.

Mill City Cheese Mongers


I wholeheartedly agree! It’s a tiny little shop and on the day I first visited, there was a line out the door - short, but a line nonetheless. The owner saved one of my fave cheeses for me when I commented on it on their Facebook page. Unfortunately, it was not the same “breed” of cheese that I usually like, but I was impressed with the customer service. Very nice selection of cheeses for the size of the shop.

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Bumping this thread because of a Christmas weekend visit to Mill City Cheesemongers. Since my original post, this small shop has expanded to twice the size and the cheese selection is much larger. We asked for, and received, excellent recommendations just as we did before.

I noticed that the shop also now offers classes, gifts, and will prepare cheese trays for pickup.