Milk Pail finds (Mountain View)

Milk Pail in Mountain View is this funky little market that, besides produce, cheese, bread, etc, carry one-off interesting items in a little shelf near the icecream. Starting this thread to document some of these finds.

Boules de Miel from Provence- I got the one on the left. Anyone tried the one on the right?


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Unfortunately, Milk Pail finally lost to the tide of development in Mountain View. Its store is going to close after the owner decided to close with business dropping 40%.

This jewel of a store is a real sad story, and a really major loss to the community.

Super sad they are closing!!! This is where I discover my Primadonna cheese and my most favorite soppessata. I think all things went downhill when their manager Steve died. It is too bad that we will lose this awesome mecca of fine foods and produce.