Milano's Pizza (Perth Amboy, NJ)

This was as quick of a stop as you could get when Justin and I literally stopped in for a single, solitary slice en route to some place else. This was the pizzeria of his childhood. While he had raved about it, I wanted to see for myself. This plain slice was indeed one of the best I have ever had. It wasn’t thin crust, yet it was crunchy. The crust had a strange, grainy texture underneath which aided in provided a crackly sound with each bite. There was minimal sauce (which was on the sweeter side) and just the right amount of cheese. There’s a lot of good pizza in New Jersey, but I cannot remember the last time I said, “Wow!” I cannot wait to bring a whole pie back from this place. Delicious!


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That looks GREAT. Was there cornmeal in the bottom of the crust? That used to be a thing… And now I wonder if it provides just enough’ ‘lift’ for air to circulate under the bottom of the pie… PIZZA EXPERTS please chime in!

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I taught a pizza class tonight (to sell a new kitchen pizza oven) and used semolina on the peel. I sometimes use cornmeal. I don’t usually use white flour - any moisture that may come into contact with the flour turns it into glue - with one exception. If the pizza sticks to the peel as I am trying to get it off I’ll blow some white flour under the pizza. It usually works.


Aha! And Of course, I headsmack… Semolina is traditional too!

In my 48 years of life I’ve finally found a class I probably couldn’t fail !!! (key word “probably” - I would most likely eat my home work and final exam still resulting in a failing grade)


I’d give you extra credit if you threw the dough in the air and caught it.


Yes, come to think of it, I believe there was.