Mighty Squirrel Brewery food? Waltham MA

I’m thinking of heading to Mighty Squirrel with a couple of beer lovers within the next few days. We will be going around dinner time and will be looking to eat. I’m hoping Digga and anyone else who has been can fill me in on the food. Is City Streets still delivering? It looks like they have pretzels and the occasional food truck but not much info on what other snacks are available. Thanks in advance! I’ll report back.

Bear - please post back your experience, I wish I could be of more help.

we’ve been to Mighty Squirrel a couple of times. For the record, I am no longer a big beer drinker (don’t tell my Wisconsin relatives) and I have never liked Pale Ales (bitter notes in drinks/food are not my favorite profiles) . . . so that said . . . Mighty Squirrel does primarily IPAs, so I’m not really a fan of their beer. When we have been there, I’ve only ever seen people eating the pretzels (which we’ve had - they are fine) or from a food truck that is parked right up against their patio. They apparently also do meat pies - though I’ve never seen anyone eating one. And while when they opened there was a lot of talk about City Streets delivering and the potential for having iPads around that you could order from . . . I’ve never seen the ipads, nor have I ever seen anyone eating from City Streets.

So I don’t know what is going on with the food - but that is the bests intel I can provide. Hopefully someone who is more of a “regular” there can provide a more comprehensive answer.


Super helpful, Thimes. Thanks for taking the time. I sent them a facebook message asking for specifics. We’ll see if they get back to me (if they read their messages). I will definitely report!

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@bear I’m here! Absent from the board due to life schtuff. We both love IPAs so we enjoy the beer. The tend to be high octane, so definitely advisable to buffer your stomachs with food.

It’s not City Streets that delivers (they are in the same plaza so you could just walk there and back with food - we’ve never had the food there) but Waltham Pizza. Meh. We got a pizza once and it was of a style definitely not up-our-alley. (Thick Greek style-ish.)

My preference used to be the pies but they stopped offering the veggie chickpea one, which might bum out your son if he’s coming along. I think someone in my party has gotten the steak one which they seemed to like. The pretzels are big and poofy and tasty but also on the greasy side (which, when one is drinking beer, is not a bad thing). Still one of our favorite places to hang out but it’s getting more popular. Nevertheless, the space (indoor and out) is spacious enough that we’ve never felt cramped. We both love the ping pong table and spring onion loves cheering mom and dad on!


Oh, thanks, dear digga. Super helpful. The Oath pizza truck is supposed to be there tomorrow, so even though we’ve had a ridiculous amount of pizza lately, we’ll probably give that a shot. If they are really sick of pizza, we’ll grab takeout at City Streets (we’ve never tried it either) and walk it down to Mighty.

We were warned about Waltham Pizza twenty years ago when we bought our house from friends. One of those friends is staying with us for a few weeks as he transitions back to the area, and he’s a beer lover. We thought it would be fun to show him how the area has changed. We did buy the four-pack of Cloud Candy and both he and my son enjoyed it. I’m usually more of a wine person but will have fun branching out. My poor hubbie is away so he won’t be able to join us, but I’ll post about the brewery experience as well as whatever we do for food.


If we go in the next couple of days, I will look for a bear hanging out on one of the communal tables. I bet my Hungry Onion alarm will go off. :hugs:


Ha. Look for lots of gray hair, a very hairy fortyish burly guy, and a gentle, soft-spoken fiftyish guy.

Damn, we have to get that secret HO hand signal.:onion::onion::onion:

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We may have a gray hair or two between us.

Spring onion, not so much.


Yeah, but something tells me that mine are a little more prevalent. My spring onions are in the 40 year range with plenty of gray of their own! And still happy to chow down with mom and dad, for which I’m very grateful.


We have done BYO there in the past. Loaded up at Panela de Barro (on Newton Street in Waltham) on our way there last time. A few plates full of meat and plantains works quite well in that setting!


We made it to Mighty Squirrel last Thursday and really enjoyed it. For beers, we sampled the Monk’s Choir Belgian guad, Wee Sip Scotch ale, Cosmic Distortion NE ipa and a barleywine. It’s nice that they offer half portions so the driver can sample a few and still be able to drive. The tab is definitely higher with a few halfs, though.
Naveen, a co-founder, answered my facebook question with a detailed reply (although he thought they still have veggie pies but they don’t.) They do have a relationship with Waltham Pizza but you can have food delivered from any restaurant with no delivery fee. There are usually food trucks from Thursday to Sunday, and they offer meat pies, pretzels, hummus and a couple of other things. My son enjoyed the pretzel, which is huge, but as digga said, it is a little greasy. My friend and I both got a steak and ale pie, which was very good. We also got pizza from the Oath Craft truck. It didn’t blow us away but was solid-enough beer food with a pre-made crust and quality toppings.

There was decent live music and a laid-back vibe. Service was friendly and helpful. All in all, a nice place to hang out for a while. We’ll be back.


That should read “no delivery fee” from Waltham Pizza, not from any restaurant.