Midweek Brunch in [Toronto] on a Covered Patio

I’m trying to figure out where to bring a relative for brunch on a patio around 10:30 am tomorrow. I thought of Bar Centrale on Yonge in Summerhill.

Old School on Dundas W opens at 10 am on Tuesdays.

Insomnia is mediocre. Flo’s Diner or By The Way Café are options. I prefer By The Way Café to Flo’s.

Thanks for any other ideas.

I would suggest terroni and Quanta Basta (my current fav neighborhood spot). Terroni has a proper patio as opposed to the make shift version by QB.
I haven’t heard much about Sash though I did enjoy the chef way back when he was at North 44. Again a make shift patio though not as effected by the street traffic as QB

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Thanks! Turns out she ate at the airport so we had coffee on the Zaza Espessso patio on Cumberland, around 9 am. She also had a gelato. LOL.

I was a frequent Terroni diner from 2014-2016, with one circle of friends. Something in their kitchen gives me hives so I haven’t been back over the past 2.5 y.

I am eager to try Quanto Basta and Cappocaccia.

Hadn’t heard of Sash until now. Thanks.

Sash is pricey. https://www.sash.ca/menu/dinner-menu

Cappocaccia is decent as well though its more towards St. Clair IMO. I enjoyed the pizza and pasta dishes there. I have tried them a few times as well.

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They currently offer some happy hour specials. I haven’t been yet.