[Midtown NYC or easy subway ride from there] Korean, Ethiopian, Indian, Middle Eastern

Hello, I was wondering if someone could recommend some good, not budget-busting, Korean, Ethiopian, Indian, Middle Eastern/Turkish restaurants for lunch or dinner that are walkable or an easy subway ride from the Hilton and/or Sheraton in Midtown? Thanks!

Korean: Danji
Middle Eastern: Taboon

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Indian: Dhaba

Thank you!

Greek: Eros
Korean: Atoboy

Both a short ride on the 6 to the 28th St. station.

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I like Byblos on Madison Ave in Murray Hill. Somewhat upscale but not budget breaking Lebanese. Cloth tablecloths, but probably less than $40 pp. Live music some nights . It would be around a 20 minute walk from the Sheraton.

Gazala Place on 9th is a hole in the wall Israeli Druze spot. I tried their bourekas, but most people were having falafel when I was there. Probably within a 10 minute walk from your hotel.

I haven’t tried too enough Korean or Indian restaurants recently to recommend any.

Thank you. These look great!

Thank you!

Thanks for this!

Thank you! I appreciate this.

Indian: I think the best Indian food around in the neighborhoods you mention (in a generally weak field) is at Saar on 51st near 8th. Their kebabs are strong, especially the two chicken ones, saffron and garlic. In the vicinity of Dhaba, there are several Indian restaurants. It’s a changing landscape. If you go, you should look at what each offers, how crowded it is, etc. If you hit it at a time when the food is freshly put out the steam table place Haandi has very tasty food.

There are a couple of Ethiopian places around 10th and 46th/47th, but I have not been. I like Danji for Korean, but it’s easy to run up a big bill there. I’ve found Gazala Place a bit uneven.

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Thank you!

Do let us know where you ate and what you thought of the food. You were very specific in your list of cuisines, but if you want to branch out further Pam’s Real Thai on 49th and 9th might be worth trying (people here speak highly of their crab fried rice and khao soi), as is Pure Thai (on 9th between 51st and 52nd). There are good skewers at Yakitori Totto, and even better ones at Torishin. And the food hall below Columbus Circle (enter through the subway entrances there) has a range of cuisines. The Vanderbilt food hall is also within striking distance for you.

Plus – how could I forget? – there’s David Chang’s Bāng Bar in the Time Warner Center that serves Korean inspired rolled sandwiches in the mornings that are a terrific value for money.

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Perhaps a little late to the party…but the take the #7 train from Times Square to the Broadway Roosevelt 75th street stop in Queens and you will find all you need within four blocks…

Pam’s Real Thai’s Oxtail soup is amazing, too


Longtime Manhattan resident here:
Korean - Gaonnuri for BBQ and a great view; Her Name is Han. Food Gallery 32 is very good. Pelicana for Korean Fried Chicken. https://foodgallery32nyc.com/ All in Koreatown
Indian - Pippali in Curry Hill
Middle Eastern/Turkish: Taim for falafel; Balaboosta (Persian and Yemenite /Israeli); ilili (Lebanese); Miznon in Chelsea Market or North Miznon on W 72nd. (Israeli)
Ethiopian - No recs. Not a cuisine Manhattan does well. Unlike Washington DC.

If you are interested in other ethnic foods, glad to offer more. Until then I will respect your request for Manhattan only and the particular cuisines you indicate.

I like the salteñas at Bolivian Llama Party, located in that food hall.

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So, where did you eat?
What did you think of the food?

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My apologies–this got lost in the shuffle of my life. I ended up staying close and went to Saar, and it was quite good.