Midtown Manhattan Recs

Hey everyone! Going to be in Manhattan for a few days at the Javits Centre, and staying near Empire State Building. Looking for some good restaurants to try, NYC icons, but also some odd the beaten path. I’m open to all cuisines, and looking for cheap to moderately priced. No fine dining this trip!

How far are you willing to travel? There’s Hudson Yards very near Javits, which has a mess of restaurants. The Spanish Diner there is very good, and relatively inexpensive. Porchlight, further south, has excellent drinks and is one of the cheaper members of the Union Square Hospitality Group.

It would be really helpful to have more guidance, though, because there are easily hundreds of restaurants that meet your criteria.

Ci Siamo is located very close to the Javitz. Its Italian cuisine has gotten excellent reviews. You can check the on-line menu to see if prices are agreeable to you. (Note: It opened last October, so we haven’t been there yet because we aren’t doing indoor restaurant dining. However, now that warm weather is here, we’ll be going since they have outdoor seating.)

Koreatown is right by the Empire State Building with lots of delicious options.

Agree with others that some more specificity would help us provide more narrow recommendations.

Dinner time, I’m good from upper to lower Manhattan. Lunch time I have to stick pretty close to Javits.

covers 20+ square miles and thousands of restaurants. My suggestion to you would be to read around the NYC boards and see what restaurants look interesting to you, and then ask for opinions on them. Or choose a few types of food you’re curious about. Or a neighborhood you’ll be in for some other reason.

Here’s a list of classic NY restaurants, to get you started.

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Thanks for this. Good starting point!

Thanks for the rec. Did Korean for dinner last night!

you mentioned pizza in the other thread, ny pizza suprema is about a 20 minute walk, often mentioned in best of lists, give the upside down slice a try.