Midtown Manhattan lunch delivery options?

My office is on 6th Ave. in the mid-50s, and my employer pays for our lunch everyday. We tend to rotate between a selection of tried and true favorites, but often these places become favorites more because they are reliably quick and accurate with deliveries, rather than because the food is so stunningly good. I’d love to add more places to our repertoire, but it seems that for each new place we try and like, we try 5 others that are terrible or can’t get our orders correct.

So, tell me your favorite midtown delivery spots! We’re open to all cuisines, mid-range prices (i.e. $10-15 for sandwiches or salads, $12-18 for entrees is our norm). Bonus points if they are available through Seamless. Because we’re on 6th Ave., we generally fall in the delivery radius for anything from 10th Ave. to 1st or 2nd Ave. Right now we’re especially in need of a new Thai place, as our old regular has changed their menu and chef and the food went downhill drastically. We ordered from Pam Thai last week instead and unfortunately, it was awful - I was really disappointed because I generally like their food, but I had only eaten dinner there up to this point and I’m guessing they have a different cooking staff at lunch. A truly good salad place would be nice too!

That’s really impressive and generous that your company buys lunch daily!
I’m wondering if the flatiron location of Sweetgreen would deliver to you… Their salads are really great.
Do you already order from Dig Inn? They seem to have something for everyone and nice fresh veggie dishes.
I love Green Symphony- it does have a hippie health food kind of bent to it. Their smoothies and juices are my favorite (especially the “almond greens” smoothie), and because the owners are korean they make a great version of bi bim bap that isn’t quite as great as having at a restaurant but it survives delivery well. Also great chopped salad stuff with better than the norm ingredient options.
Larb Ubol for Thai- be sure to specify if anyone is shy of heat when ordering. I really like Pam Real Thai too, but have also just been for dinner. Maybe you caught them on a bad day…??
City sandwich for sandwiches (skip their kale salad, dressing comes on the side so it’s really dry kale vs the massaged soft good kind of kale salad). Don’t miss their portugese egg tarts.

As an aside, please please just call the restaurant directly and stop using seamless for independently owned restaurants- seamless charges them 30% (!!) and everytime they fill a seamless order it hurts their profit. With so many restaurants closing in the city i think everything we can do to help helps. (K, stepping off soapbox now…)

Thanks Ttrockwood! I will check into your suggestions, especially Larb Ubol. We do order from Dig Inn occasionally but their concept causes confusion among my co-workers, so I we can only go there on days that I have time to reexplain how it works, LOL.

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Well, unfortunately Larb Ubol doesn’t deliver up this high. However, we tried a new Thai place today that seems promising - Topaz Noodle Bar. It’s the little sister to Topaz Thai (located right next door). I’ve eaten in the restaurant at Topaz and found it adequate, but they don’t deliver for lunch to my knowledge. However, Topaz Noodle does, and so far, so good. The green curry is rich and they actually made it SPICY when I asked! Salmon Chu Chee and the pork satay appetizer were also very good. We’ll definitely add this to the rotation.

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Have you tried Pure Thai?

Margon is pretty good Cuban food.

Haven’t tried Pure Thai but we’ll check that out. I’ve also never tried Margon - a couple of my co-workers like Tina’s for Cuban food but I’ve never really been a fan, so it would be good to have another Cuban option. Thanks!

This list suggests other delivery services along with Seamless. Hopefully this provides more delivery options.

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