Midici The Neapolitan Pizza Company to Make Greater Houston Debut in Mid-May (Katy, Texas)

MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company, an authentic Neapolitan restaurant with a mission to bring friends together, is entering the Greater Houston market with its first official launch date slated for early- to mid-May 2017.

The debut location in suburban Katy, conveniently situated right off of I-10, will feature a menu of traditional Neapolitan cuisine all made-to-order with fresh, all-natural, non-GMO ingredients.

Under the oversight of nationally renowned Master Neapolitan Pizzaiolo and General Manager Alessio Lacco, guests will be able to enjoy real true Neapolitan dining experience – from artisan burratas and traditional Neapolitan pizzas to a full bar serving traditional cocktails, craft beers and fine wines.

MidiCi provides pizza aficionados with an upscale dining ambiance, designed by the acclaimed Los Angeles hotel and restaurant designer and architect Sam Marshall, while maintaining the affordability of casual dining. The space beckons guests to visit and celebrate memories over an exquisite meal next to a chain-signature live indoor olive tree.

MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company Katy is located at 21784 Katy Freeway and will be open daily until 2 a.m. For more information, visit www.myMidiCi.com.

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Katy again?



Edited to add: According to their website linked above, there is also one coming to 2925 Richmond Ave Ste. 150. That’s around Buffalo Speedway.

Welcome to HO and thanks for posting. Are you the franchisee for the Katy location? I wish we had more industry insiders posting here.

Edited again to Add: Nope. Social Media PR firm. (Innerloopagency.com). Oh well, you eat, right? What have you had to eat lately we should know about and that you’re not getting paid for?

Edited for the Third and hopefully Final Time: I hope I didn’t come off as complaining about the blatant ad for a coming restaurant. While that’s obviously what it is, it IS valuable info and she didn’t try even to hide her identity at all. I say we give her a pass as long as she posts at least two restaurant reviews a week, (however short), but they cannot be her customers. Do I have a second?

(Yeah, I have a little extra time on my hands this morning.)


When it rains it pours pizza. I noted another neapolitan pizza place opening in Katy, 1000 Degrees.

Probably can’t have too much though. And burrata is my new vice, so I’ll be there soon. This is barely into Katy on I-10 past Eldridge, Energy Corridor.


Ah, you’re right.

Edited to add: No you’re not. The Google Map is wrong. It’s actually out at Mason Road.



Well, hello there!

Y’all are certainly a welcoming bunch. We lowly ol’ PR people rarely use industry forums anymore – for fear of being either trolled or chased out with torches ablaze. This just happened to be one I happen to enjoy myself, so I went ahead and gave it a shot. :grin:

Definitely nothing but total transparency: I do own a local, boutique public relations firm over in Midtown. And my client is the actual franchisee, who happens to be a legit vetted Katy-area restaurant owner and legit industry insider.

Not sure if that wins any redemption points, but let me also say that I don’t take on any clients that I wouldn’t vouch for personally. Never communicate a message I don’t believe in (see more on that HERE).

To answer your questions,@DoobieWah:

Yes, I do eat (a lot). And I enjoy every moment and morsel too.

Recently? Let’s see…

  • Bought a house in the East End / EaDo fairly recently and trying to explore out here – lots of Tout Suite, Andes Cafe and Bohemeo’s (which are my neighborhood staples anyway).
  • Just got my must-have monthly dose of Al’s Quick Stop delivered yesterday and some Empire Cafe the day before that (miss my Montrose dearly).
  • Last week was all about Asian and Indian – Shiva, Kim Son, Khyber and Thai Spice twice.

Happy to contribute a couple of weekly opinions that come wholly unsolicited if you guys will have me. :slight_smile:


Oh, and the MediCi Katy location is actually a nice little endcap spot right at the Mason Road exit ramp. The shopping center is recently developed so there’s still plenty of not-yet-filled spaces. What is in there is all good stuff, though.

Next to MidiCi is an under-construction JINYA Ramen Bar, and next to that is a just-opened Tom and Chee. Fadi’s has the opposite corner spot with an Apex Burger adjacent to it.

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I like Thai Spice, especially the soft shell curry lunch special. I’ve been alone on this here.

Is Thai Spice that buffet place with an outpost at Westheimer and Voss?

What do y’all like there? I’ve been a couple of times and am in no hurry to return. C’mon and try to talk me into it.

(But make a new thread!)

As I said, I’m alone here on this! The one I go to is in the Heights near Penzey’s. It is not a buffet.


The one on Voss of which you speak may be different owners/concept.


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Here’s a different LINK, (reached from your first url), that shows the Voss store, that I visited.

It appears to be the only buffet in the chain. Which location(s) do y’all visit that elicit such praise?

Jeez Lambsy, I’m sorry I’m so out of it today.

First you posted what you like, (“soft shell curry lunch”), and I replied by asking what you like there.

You replied and told me which one you go to and I replied asking which one you go to.

I must be getting old. Anyway, back to what you order, is that “soft shelled crab curry”?

Thanks and I’ll start taking ginkgo biloba or something.

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I do love saying ginko biloba. YESSSSS crab. I love soft shell crab and it’s coming in season soon, though it seems available year round now. Recently I went to lunch at Ginger Cafe on West Gray @ Shepherd. It has become a new favorite lunch place, with fast service, reasonable prices and good food.

I ordered the salt and pepper soft shell crab. It was delicious. Only difference with Asian places, they normally just fry it and cut it up without cleaning out the middle parts. Places like Pappadeaux fry up the meaty parts only.

Do you remember a seafood place on I-10 between Wilcrest and Kirkwood called Kingfish? It’s where I had my first soft shell crab. I miss that place. They had some unique seafood dishes. I think it was about where the Twin Peaks is now.

Yeah there was also a Kingfish on Richmond near Fondren. Started by Chris King who can also arguably be credited with giving us Tillman Fertitta via Joe’s Crab Shack if I’m not mistaken. (I might be though as I often am.)

Anyway it was good as I recall. I think Chris might have Joe’s back now.

Interesting, I heard at the time the owner was ill. Glad he is not. Joe’s did revert to someone other than Tillman, who went to high school behind Kingfish for a while (Westchester) as I understand it.

The Wifeacita and I went to both Kingfish locations back in our courting days. They had an all you can eat lobster special , 1-1/4 pounders plus broiled mahi and boiled shrimp.

This was probably 15 plus years ago and was 45 bucks if I recall.

My max was five lobsters, tail, claws, and knuckles, the best part plus the other food. It was a great deal.

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Well, howdy y’all!

Back when I lived in town with the Cool Kids, I lived not far from that Thai Spice Buffet, and went a lot and liked it a lot. Tried the one out here several times, but am not much of a fan. Seriously don’t know why. The food at the one out here just doesn’t seem as flavorful or something - kinda like “Thai food light.” I have found a Thai restaurant in Katy that I do like, but don’t know that I’d say it’s so good that it’s worth a trip for you City Folk that have lots of choices. But it’s Ginger Thai.

And, pretty thrilled to be getting all this Katy charla! I noted even that famous Houston blogger, Jay Frances, tried a new restaurant out here. Of course, I had to, too. Middle-Eastern. Kunafa Restaurant & Grill. Thought it was very good, but service was slow slow slow. Still, what would I ever be in a hurry for?

Definitely excited about your new pizza place. I’ll be there toot sweet.


Hello all! Reviving a 3 month old thread, the Midici location in Katy is open! They’ve been open about a week and I’ve eaten there almost every day since. It’s been a long time since pizza I’ve had here that brings back fond memories of the time I spent in Napoli. Dang, typing this is making my mouth water, guess I know where I’m heading after work today.

By the way, the owners Brandon and Chantel are fantastic folks!

The Kirby Grove location off 59 is set to open in July and next one will be in Pearland.

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