Middletown's Ross Brewing Hosts First-Ever Chili Cookoff Contest

Middletown’s Ross Brewing Hosts First-Ever Chili Cookoff Contest

" BELFORD, NJ — Think you’ve got a great chili recipe?

Enter it next weekend at the first-ever wintertime Chili Cook-off Contest, held Feb. 3 at Ross Brewing in Belford. To register your chili, enter here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/r…

It’s not only free to enter; it’s free to come and taste the chilis; for the first time, they will have a People’s Choice award. …"


What is New Jersey chili like?
Or maybe what should it be like?
Pork or beef or both?
The dreaded beans or no beans question?
Are deli meats and hot dogs allowed?
New Jersey tomatoes should be required, I’d hope!

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There used to be a big chili cook-off in Toms River every May; I think this is copying that on a smaller scale. (The Toms River one has morphed into a “Comfort Food Fest”, which still includes chili. It’s several thousand people, and will be in September this year.)

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