Middle Eastern bakery - pita bread, etc., - Houston

Trying to find good pita bread (lafa, other Middle Eastern breads, etc.). Used to have a good bakery down in Meyerland but it’s changed hands so many times I don’t think they make their own anymore. Any recs?

How about supermarket pita breads - in-house of packaged?

I like the thicker fluffier over the thinner, leather-y ones that are used to make wraps.

Seems to be a lot of new Middle Eastern businesses on the west side from Chimney Rock west, especially on Richmond.

Phoenicia has a pita making machine with a roller coaster for it to go around on as it cools and dumps it in a pile! It’s fun to watch. I was just talking about it at lunch.


Second on Phoenecia. They make several varieties of flat breads. Its a wonderful place.