Microwaved Potato Chips!!???

I did this years ago. They taste different from regular potato chips, but are pretty good. I rejected the plate thing right away. Instead, I popped a wooden skewer through a bunch of slices, a third of the way from the top, lengthwise. I spread the slices apart, leaving a half inch space between them. I hung the skewers on the edge of a microwave-safe, shoebox-shaped plastic container, and lightly spritzed the slices with baking spray, then nuked. One ample serving, all at once.

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I have a nice mandoline slicer, but I’m worried I’ll end up like the guy in the picture. Moreover, it is a pain to clean it up, so it sits in drawer collecting dust.
I picked up this slicer/shredder/pusher set off of ebay for under $5. I purchased the cut resistant glove separately, but it stays with my cutter as a reminder. When I’m done slicing, I just throw the slicer board into the dishwasher and cleanup is done. The cutters are set up so you can go back and forth without lifting the potato or vegetable. It makes quick work of my slicing jobs.


I really should get a cut glove. Even using the pusher, I’ve had some close calls where due to inattention I’ve let the thing kind of “roll over” in the direction of travel, toward the blade.

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I just have a retort for the Columbus thing. According to my sources (Loony Tunes) a certain King taught Columbus was not actually round, but flat , like Christopher’s head after being struck hard by the king’s scepter. Little chunk of history many don’t know about.

CC: “The world is a round, like a my head!”

King, after striking CK with scepter. 'The world is flat, like your head."

My folks always complained those cartoons lacked anything of consequence; but I beg to differ.