Michaelangelo's in Riverhead, long rant

I organize an informal Thursday lunch group that meets at local Riverhead restaurant every week. I invite a slew of local residents (about 50) between 5 and 15 show up. It’s a “Lunch about Nothing.” No theme or agenda, just locals meeting for good conversation.
We’ve been yearning for a good reliable Italian restaurant to frequent and patiently awaited the opening of Michaelangelo’s Riverhead location (there are three others near by.)
They opened at the former Main St. Chase Bank, tRP, Sonoma Grill location last week.
The space is inviting and classy. The servers, Amy and Heaven, were professional and attentive. That’s where the good praise ends.
Today, there were nine of us. We sat out on the front patio and put three tables, all good.
Several of the place settings were missing a utensil.
One member of our group had been there for dinner and raved about the gorgonzola salad pizza pies even though it took two hours for their food to arrive.
We decided to order two pies for an appetizer and asked that they be cut into 10 slices (square pie should be no problem.)
The server was concerned about serving pizza in the non-pizza area and said she would “ask permission.” I did not see a table in the pizza section that would accommodate 9 people and the restaurant was not that busy.
We received “Permission” to have pizza on the patio,
There is no lunch menu. Most of the places we meet have a less expensive lunch menu with smaller portions. We try to keep it under $20 pp without alcoholic drinks.
We ordered a number of entrees.
I ordered one of my favorite dishes, Pasta Puttanesca with extra garlic, I love garlic. I could not find any evidence of garlic in my dish, go figure.
Entrees were served and still no pizza appetizer but we did get lots of apologies from the servers and one manager type.
Everyone else was happy with their entrees.
An hour later, still no pizzas. WTH??
Finally the pizzas arrived but not cut into ten slices. Not worth complaining about at this point.
We had all picked at our entrees and were too full to share the second pie. One lucky diner got to take it home for her family.
Michaelangelo’s is new to Riverhead but also have three other local locations so that’s not much of an excuse. The kinks should have been ironed out.
In addition: they charge 4% more if you pay by credit card. I’ve never encountered this anywhere on the North Fork or even in Manhattan.
It’s in the small print on the bill so it’s easy to get confused and pay the higher price even if you are paying in cash.
As a local resident and business owner I do so want to see success on Main St.
Maybe they will read this and get their act together but it will be a while before we meet up at Michaelangelo’s again.
Last but not least. How can a new restaurant opened by experienced restauranteurs fail to have a web site with essential info like location, phone, hours and menus posted?
Next week we are meeting at Turkuaz, a small Turkish place on the river that seems to always hit the mark.


Live and learn! For such a nice looking venue, and one where the owner supposedly knows what he is doing ,it’s a shame there were so many quirks (although yes we totally enjoyed that leftover salad pizza pie :wink: )

Hi Coll!!!

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:wink: Let us know if you’re ever out this way on a Thursday: I think we talked about doing lunch a few years ago? Hopefully someday!

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Thanks, Coll - will do!

Count me in Coll…

Hey you guys, I would LOVE to see you in real life. We have been meeting up for over two years every single Thursday, in the Riverhead area, and are having the time of our lives. This Thursday, 12 noon, is Turkauz in Riverhead, right next to the Aquarium…if there is any way you can be there it would be so amazing :wink: All are invited!

Checking my calendar…I live in Valley Stream…

64 miles from here…but doable…

If not this Thursday, then the next, or the one after that…we have been doing this for a good while. Always lots of fun :wink:

I can think up some other touristy stuff to do afterwards, if that helps :wink:

I have lived on Long Island for 64 years…not a problem… would just to like to connect with you guys!

We look forward to seeing you…you will be more than welcome!

Will try to make it for sure…As I always say …we are not always about the food but the “Food Experience”
(PS…my wife is down in Florida this week , with the kids and my mom, her mom …so what’s a guy to do?)

You won’t feel lonely ;-)…… can’t wait to meet you!

LOL…looking forward!

Us too!

I wish I could, Coll but from my place to Riverhead is over 100 miles. Have a great time and - report back?

I will try to take a couple of photos at least…I know you’re over the bridge and that’s a crazy ride :wink:

Um, you’re over the bridge!!! :grin: