Miami Recommendations??

We are heading to Miami in November for a quick couple of days. Any recommendations? We will be staying in South Beach but willing to travel!

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We’ll be at South Beach in the spring for a couple of nights, so looking forward to reading some reccs. It was 2015 when we were last in the area, so our experiences are too out of date to mention.

Do you have any parameters aside from location (i.e., South Beach and willing to travel)? Such as type of food, budget, formal, casual, etc.?

I am in the area every so often as I have family in the Boca area.

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I am more knowledgeable about Miami than South Beach, (although I grew up in Miami Beach). Miami is a unique city in that it is like a South American city right here in the US. Still with a major Cuban influence, but it is now more SA than Cuba. If you want to take advantage of that uniqueness, then that is what I suggest

If you will be renting a car… then the easiest food tip I can give you is to have pasteles of guava and cheese at a bakery. Cuban bakeries have a warming case just to keep these at serving temperature. You can find this at Portofino, near the airport.

Another general tip is to go to El Palacio de los Jugos for fresh juice. Great scene. There are several locations, and I think they all have outdoor seating. A big one is just south of the airport. There is also prepared food there, very tempting, but I’d eat elsewhere. Buy a ripe mamey and eat it there!

Two places that serve food you’d have difficulty finding elsewhere:

Sabores Chilenos: Go for the pastel de choclo, kind of like a stew with a layer of cornbread baked on top. Sublime. Several other unique foods as well.

Euopean Corner: Venezuelan. Call in advance to see if they have Asado Negro (pot roast in a sugar cane sauce). There may be days when it’s not available. Yes, it is sweet. Can be countered with a domino arepa and tequenos. tiny, tiny spot.


Awesome!!! thank you so much for all the details! We haven’t fully decided on renting a car yet. The hotel does seem to have some that you can borrow for a few hours so that could be a good option too.

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Honestly - open to all. I would like to do at least one formal dinner since this is a kid free trip for our 10 year wedding anniversary. But, we eat high and low. My sister in law and I did Mexico City pre-covid and had lunch at Quintonil and then street tacos for dinner. That’s kind of our style.

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Boia De

Get a reservation (30 days in advance the slots open up), or if you have Amex Black, their concierge can get it for you.

Zak the Bakery

Get the mushroom conserva dansih


For the Iberico ham

El Rey De Las Fritas

I’m addicted to their fritas and steak sandwiches.


Great, thank you so much!

I was impressed by the Peruvian restaurant we visited in Coral Gables in 2015 ( my only trip to Miami or Florida) . I’m not saying it’s worth a detour from South Beach, but depending on where you live in the States, the Peruvian and other South American restaurants in Miami might be a treat.

I was also intrigued by the various Cuban pastries, especially the guava pastries. I’m sure there’s a good patisserie for that kind of stuff in South Beach! I wish I’d had a Cuban meal. My cousin was choosing all the restaurants, and we didn’t end up having a Cuban lunch or dinner. We ended up going out for tapas, Peruvian and Mexican dinners. I’m forgetting where we ate the 4th night.

I did enjoy all the various Cuban coffees I ordered.

Enjoy your stay!

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Thanks!!! I’ll look it up!

My brother lives South of 5th. One of our favorites is Abbale TLV Kitchen.

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