[Miami Beach, Florida] Moreno's Cuba

This is Miami so, however short a visit, you gotta have Cuban food. Which is why on our last night, of a 2 night stay, we’re having dinner at Morenos.

There were empanadas to start for one of us. Not the smallish, shortcrust pastry versions you get in Spain. These were big, puff pastry affairs, filled with cheese and ham and were delicious. The other starter was maduritas – three slices of sweetish plantain, topped with shredded chicken and a really zingy housemade guacamole.

Main courses were very substantial plates of food. Ropa vieja for one of us. Not the first time we’ve had this and not the most flavoursome version. But it was OK. It comes with rice, black beans in sauce and a choice of another side – in this case, plantain. The other was very similar. Lechona Asado – pork slow roasted until it becomes the texture of pulled pork. There’s the beans and rice. And yucca for the extra side – little flavour of its own but doing the job of a second carb, not that one was needed.

As mentioned, these were big plates of food, which we couldn’t finish. So, no room for dessert. But we finished with Cuban coffee – colada - basically a double espresso that comes ready sweetened. It was really good.

We’d had a nice evening and waddled away back to the hotel.


Question – was the lechon asado cooked with abundant mojo and sour orange? That’s wha I think makes the dish truly special

I don’t recall any citrus notes. It seemed a very straightforward slow roast. I’m familiar with mojo sauce in Canarian cuisine - would it be the seem in Cuban (as a sauce served alongside the dish)? If so, then not at Morenos.

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