[Miami Beach, Florida] La Locanda

(John Hartley) #1

La Locanda had been recommended a couple of times as somewhere good to eat very hear to our hotel. Near and something tasty was what was called for. We’d just arrived after a transatlantic flight and our body clocks were shot. It was time to be kind to ourselves.

So, a couple of salads to start. One just mixed leaves and tomato. The other, very finely sliced fennel and parmesan in a very lemony dressing. Light, fresh, perky – absolutely bang on for what was needed.

For mains, there was pizza from the day’s specials. A delicious thin, crispy base, topped with burrata, sliced tomato, ham and sprinkled with basil. A really top notch pizza. The other dish was a bowl of comforting pasta and lamb ragu. Good choice of pasta here – it was that corkscrew one that I think translates as “strangled”.

All in all, this is just the best of Italian cooking – take good ingredients and do very little with them. It’s the sort of place that you really wish would open up near wherever you live, so you can become regulars.