Mi Yucatan (SF Mission)

An SF Chronicle article put a dish called rellena negro/ chilmole on my radar and I kept meaning to try it. I got my chance tonight when I noticed a new Yucatan place on Mission between 24th and 25th, Mi Yucatan. The menu is broader and cheaper than the slightly less new Aktun in Bernal Heights.

The rellena negro is black from charred chilies, and it is potent! Once I got beyond both a coughing and sneezing fit, I enjoyed the complex flavor. There are lots of chicken pieces and thick slices of a forcemeat containing meat and hard boiled eggs. It’s a meaty broth and it reminded me of Spanish soups that have random meats and sausages in them. It comes with thick handmade corn tortillas — they’re flavorful enough that I would guess they use fresh masa.

I also got some paunchos. The 5" discs are filled with black beans and loaded with toppings-- I wouldn’t recommend this for a take-out order, but the pieces tasted good.

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El Rincon Yucateco in the TL also has this dish, though I haven’t tried it.

It’s in the space that had been a Quickly a few years ago

2845 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

By the way, Aktun didn’t last. I live very close by, and the place just looked dismal, and husband said it was too rich for his blood. It’s now going to be a “late night burger place,” according to the new owner. Can’t believe the love for El Amigo in that article, either. That place is the worst.

Good to know that Aktun is no longer— Roosevelt Tamale Parlor and Aktun are owned by the same family, and neither impressed me much. I do like their other restaurant, Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack, for what it is.

When was your last visit to Emmy’s? Mine last was maybe 6 months ago and it was wretched. A good cocktail would have been welcome, but they don’t even have that kind of license anymore.

I went to the new location once, in February— their meatballs were the same decent Italian American style that I’d had at the old location, but nothing to rave about. we stopped going after finding better takeout meatballs elsewhere. I’ll start a thread on that elsewhere to avoid clutter :slight_smile:

i thought it took the place of a Nicaraguan restaurant, with a blue sign…?

no matter. i was going to try it but was a bit put off by the atmosphere - we were going to go at nighttime, hate the fluorescent lighting, plus, for a brand new place, it looked very unkempt. i love panuchos, had them first in the Yucatan. I may still have to give this place a try, on your recommendation. i am also curious about their poc chuc, one of my favorites…

I was one of those Quickly split personality joints, also known as Dak Win.

ah yes. I was thinking of the new Peruvian place, El Aji, which took over the space of Nicaragua Restaurant.

I did try the relleno negro at El Rincon Yucateco and it wasn’t to my liking. The broth was very salty, although it was OK as a sauce. There was lots of chicken, a slice of a meat ball with bits of egg in it and a sprinkling of chewy gizzard-like meat. The broth wasn’t particularly spicy. In fact I was surprised to read in hyperbowler’s post that the negro comes from blackened chilis. At ERY too, the dish came with thick tortillas.

I was much happier with my “appetizer” meal on my 1st visit. At 2.50 each the appetizers are such a deal. You can get 5 of them for the price of the relleno negro. One dish on a neighboring table looked particularly good: a fajita-looking plate fo grilled beef in a bitter orange marinade. I was really wishing I had ordered that instead.

I’ll be in the City next week at a conference not too distant and plan to sample more of their menu.

Here’s what’s going into the former Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack spot (and briefly Aktun):

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