Mezcal - where to buy in Boston area?

I have been drinking more mezcal lately and getting a bit obsessed with sampling different varieties. I was wondering if anyone has experience with and recommendations for local liquor stores that specifically offer or are willing to special order mezcals?

I am going to try my usual haunts for scotch and tequila: Federal, Gordons, Martys, Cambridge Wine & Spirits, Kappy’s (Wellington). However I have never paid attention to their mezcal selections before. I was wondering if anyone has experience with these places or have other suggestions for a good mezcal selection?

Ball Square Fine Wines in Somerville has a well curated selection of 10 labels (and sometimes a few types in each label) including Leyenda and Vago.

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Hi Uni - Nice to come across this posting. I am actually working with a small bottling cooperative in Oaxaca Mexico bringing into New York and Boston a range of small-batch artisanal Mezcales of different agaves and family distilleries. High quality spirits!

Feel free to get in touch with me at alex -at- lamazza dot com. It may be of interest to you.


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