Meyhouse (Sunnyvale)

Germany has a large population with Turkish background (close to 3 million people) and so Turkish culture and food is quite common in everyday life across the country. The best known dish is of course doner kebab (which we are still looking for even a decent version in the US with freshly made Turkish flatbread and good meat) but there are also many excellent restaurants which serve a broad range of Turkish dishes which we can’t find here. Turkish friends recommended some while ago Meyhouse in Sunnyvale (and now also Palo Alto) as the place to find this level of Turkish cooking and we finally made it there and weren’t disappointed. Meyhouse rivals good Turkish restaurants in Germany and they also don’t shy away from “unpopular” dishes like lamb liver. Their family style “tasting menu” is the best way to sample a broad spectrum of dishes. Service was OK but it would have been nice if sometimes dish wouldn’t have been put on the table without any description.

Pide (hot out of the oven and constantly replenished)

Koepoglu - oven roasted eggplants and peppers with tomato sauce, yoghurt

Gambilya fava - Bodrum’s gambilya fava spread with scallions , tomato, fresh dill, cumin, paprika

Girit - Sheep’s milk “Ezine cheese” from Dardanelle with roasted ground pistachios, oregano, olive oil

Atom - Housemade strained yoghurt with spicy peppers

Enginar fava - Artichoke bottoms braised in extra virgin olive oil, accompanied with peeled fava beans

Warm humus

Uc Borek - Trio filling of rolled borek, zucchini, cheese, pastrima

Yaprak Ciger - Butter poached thinly sliced lamb liver, onions

Pirzola, Adana, lokum - grilled lamb chops, knife ground local Superior Farms lamb spare ribs, flash grilled USDA prime tenderloin, Aleppo peppers, smoked eggplant labne, tomato salad, flatbread

Sebzeli Alinazik - Mesquite fire grilled, marinated seasonal vegetables over smoked eggplant labne with paprika butter

Pistachio baklava


i have eaten at the palo alto version a few times. i suggest starting the meal with arak, if you imbibe. in general. the food is of high quality. The prices are high even by palo alto standards, but the restaurant atmosphere is good, so it stays in low rotation.

PA Branch has a jazz speakeasy in the back, and one of the founders is an enthusiast. the location is the old gordon biersch (home of the garlic fries), they took out the brewing tanks and put in about 12 tables and a small stage. Sound and band are first rate, if you like jazz i can recommend it. i think they have a thursday evening series.

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Larry Vuckovich is a bay area Jazz legend!