Mexitacos [Aberdeen, NJ]

Mexitacos is on Route 34 in Aberdeen, in the location across from the Strathmore bowling alley that was formerly Bliss Mediterranean Restaurant. This bills itself as a Tex-Mex restaurant, not a Mexican restaurant. Even so, I think serving a burrito with a side of French fries rather than rice and beans is pushing the boundaries.

The complimentary chips are not homemade (and actually seemed a bit stale), but the salsa at least had a nice kick. I got the chicken burrito with green sauce, which came with rice and beans and … steamed spinach? I mean, I like spinach, but it’s not Mexican, or even Tex-Mex. Mark’s Tex-Mex burrito came with broccoli.

Most of the tacos are on corn tacos (hence hard rather than soft), and there’s not a spring onion, a radish, or a nopal in sight. What we had was moderately tasty, but at the somewhat higher prices it is not going to be on my “go-to” list.

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None of this is Tex-Mex including the burrito. I’m 60ish and grew up eating Tex-Mex in Houston and they were never on the menus until about 20 years ago. They don’t appeal to me at all and I’ve only had one a freebie at work from a fast food joint.

They’re Cal-Mex and we have a restaurant down here, El Real that specializes in authentic Tex-Mex and burritos aren’t on the menu.

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I should have been clearer–Mark’s item was something that was called “Tex-Mex Burrito” on the menu. I can’t remember what the other burritos were called.

Thanks for taking one for the team. I just noticed this the other day. Is the food healthy? How were the prices? It would be nice to have a place nearby with a healthier option and don’t want Sahara.

Prices were higher than what one would pay at, say, Rinconcito in Matawan. I don’t know what you consider healthy vs. unhealthy. You can certainly get healthy food at the Park Place Diner just up the road, or Mahzu across the street, or the Vegan Tree up by Shanghai Bun (though I find VT’s food a bit oily and, really, if I’m right at Shanghai Bun, why wouldn’t I go there?).


I was far from impressed by the Vegan Tree the one time we went.

I’ve never been to Bliss or Mexitacos (which I probably won’t bother with based on your review @eleeper ) but I’ve always thought that space looked like some sort of walk in medical clinic from the outside.


The strip mall does have The Doctors Office, The Dentists Office, and a physical therapy unit. It also has D.A. Subs at the other end, which we really like.

I guess I thought that end space was another office - podiatrist anyone?

We had one very odd, quite expensive (for what it was) meal at Bliss. We never returned.

And yes, the whole strip mall is a bit odd. There is a super funky liquor store with a “bar” too.

+1 for DA Subs. The staff is usually fairly disgruntled but the sandwiches are fresh, big and well priced.

Maybe that’s why Bliss is no linger there.

I’ve been to one liquor store with a bar. I felt like I should have been drinking out of a paper bag even though I was sitting at a bar.


Go to Nuevo Progresso, Mexico on the South Texas border. It’s small, safe and full of Winter Texans.

There’s one main drag lined with buildings and virtually every one has a bar with good margaritas for less than two dollars that will knock you off your stool, a liquor store, curio shop, dentist, doctor office, and pharmacy to dispense the shady prescriptions from the medico. Some have restaurants.

My brother in law gets all his dental work done down there.

HAHA to the paper bag. It is such a weird place. Every liquor store/bar combo I have ever been in is a bit depressing.

What an endorsement! :grinning:


@jcostiones Hmmm. A dentist office with margaritas? That sounds like something I could like.

@gracieggg The place I know has been there forever. The parking lot is always full. I don’t get it.

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Burritos with spinach or broccoli are not Cal-Mex either! You can blame The Golden State for lots of things, but please. I’d christen this NJ/Mex cuisine.
Corn tortillas can be soft too, BTW. :slight_smile:

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We went here last night and our experience was different than @eleeper’s. I ordered veggie enchiladas in red sauce and my husband pork and pineapple tacos. Mine came with rice and beans on the side. No broccoli or spinach. His tacos were on soft shells with cilantro and onion. I was semi-expecting cheese, sour cream, hard shell treatment based on the name of the place. Mine was filled with mixed vegetables and was quite good. The salsa and chips weren’t anything special, but they weren’t stale. I liked the salsa verde. All in all, much better than Aby’s who I have completely written off after we ordered takeout a month or two ago and the meat tasted bad and crazy salty. When I complained, they told me that they couldn’t refund me my money unless I came back in to sign the return slip (???)

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Was here a couple days ago I agree with ur asssessment 100% @eleeper. It’s a different approach. I just prefer the stuff in Red Bank
That HO has written prolifically about. Would also prefer Cholulas in Manalapan or Maria’s in Monroe.