Mexico's Deli [Far West Houston, Texas]

The genetic mutant and I popped in there over the weekend for a cup of cream of poblano soup and to split a torta. For the sandwich we got a Chipotle Argentina with egg on my half only. Just delicisio. The soup was a bit grainy to be honest which happens when you try to add too much cheese at once; (when you next see me, ask me how I know!).

[shrug] It happens.

To remind anyone who doesn’t remember my take from Chowhounds, my son and I first started going to to Mexico’s Deli the week it opened. It’s located just north of Westheimer on the west side of Dairy Ashford. It replaced a little shop called Hot Dogs by Harlan that had been in that space for ever. No really. For ever. Run by a couple from Chicago, and then by the widow alone, it was awesome. She retired, moved back to Chicago and shortly thereafter Alex Garcia opened Mexico’s Deli.

We started chatting with Alex and learned he had a small chain of sandwich shops in Mexico City but said that Vincente Fox had run him out. Ah well, DF’s loss was our gain. As some of you already know, Alex was killed in a car accident a couple of years ago and the store is now run by his daughters. His ex-wife was involved immediately after the accident I think, but I haven’t seen her there in a while. Anyway, the cooks and other staff are remarkably unchanged and they always give us a big smile and wave when we pop in.

If you want an authentic family-run, legacy rich DF style torta, (or tacos, breakfast, etc.) go there, it’s worth the drive. (Five minutes from me!)

Be sure to try the liquados. Jamaica, (hibiscus) is my favorite, but there are usually three or four to choose from.

Let’s eat!

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Welcome back Doobs! Why would Fox remove a sandwich shop owner? Odd that. This is one of those places that I tend to forget about but poblano soup, yum. Soupah.

I am curious- do you know which DF torta chain it was?

I think he was referring to the Fox administration, corruption, politics, etc.

I didn’t take it to mean that Fox had personally run him out of Mexico.

I don’t, but in a city of some 18 million, a four or five outlet chain would be pretty hard to accidentally run across.

If it helps, when he first opened all of his dishes were named with a prison theme - “El Solitario”, “El Penitentiario”, or something like that. I gathered they were held over from his Mexico City days.

I asked him about it once, but he was sort of good-humoredly evasive about it.

He was a genuinely great guy. I really do miss him. We weren’t close friends or anything, but he always stopped to talk to us.

RIP amigo.