Mexican, (Latino) Candy

Is anyone out there familiar with Mexican, (Latino) candy? The is a Mercado near near me and I have discovered a couple of items of note:

Bubu Lubu candy bars which kind of taste like Raspberry Joya Bars, (Joya is known formaking Halvah bars.) It’s fun to say Bubu Lubu.

Pulparino Tamarind Candy. Imagine a spicy Fruit Roll Up.

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Vero Elotes / Salty a little spicy shaped like a Corn Cob
Mazapan / A compressed Disk of ground Peanuts and Sugar, crumbly and sweet
Pelon Pelo Rico /Another Tamarind based Candy that you squeeze out of a bottle in a thin strand /hair (thus the name)
Tomy/ A Cajeta and Dulce de Leche flavored hard Candy
Freskas / Like Malted Milk Balls but with Fruit flavored Neon colored Caramel Fillings

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De la Rosa Mazapan is the bestest.

If you liked that tamarind candy, you might try some chamoy (condiment in a bottle, maybe in the produce/fruit section of the mercado) which you can use on lots of things.

Thanks For the suggestions. I used to post on Chowhound but they went away. Nobody remembers but It used to post a lot about food and vintage TV.

I’ve tried Mazapan. It crumbled to dust as soon as I took it out of the wrapper.

I hadn’t had Mexican candy until a chef friend put the leftovers from his daughter’s quinceañera out at his restaurant.

I thought the quinceañera with cajeta were delicious. I’d never had candy with goat milk.

I also like maripan and jamoncillo a lot.

I looove oblea cajeta candy. Made with real milk. Brach’s caramel got nuttin’ on this mojo.