Mexican Food in Monmouth County

FYI I prefer to think of it as I’ve made him immortal through the lore of my story. Pierre LIVES in our memories.

RIP Pierre
“A heck of a guy, a horrible meal”


We ate at Senor Pepper’s several years ago. It was very good.

I love it and the drama created must have been epic . I’m in awe of it Glad what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas Kudos :100:

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Now we’ve been to Azteca Grill, and while the food is good, Mark reports that the restroom cleanliness leaves something to be desired, and suggests that could be indicative of other problems.

Alas, there is only Tino’s for us in Red Bank. We cannot find parking close enough to North of the Border (or Senor Pepper’s, which was our original plan), and International Mexican Grocery has an hour or longer lag between ordering and picking up food, and who knows how long for a table. In Keyport, both Antojitos and Los Corrales have stairs that make them inaccesible to us. Luckily El Rinconcito de Mama still works for us.


It is my understanding that Senor Peppers is the more gringo version of another restaurant they own. I found that out when I was asking for different tacos (lengua, tripe etc) and the kid basically said if you want that you have to go to the other place. For the life of me I forget which one that is, however the food was always very good at Peppers even though I have not been there in a long time.

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More Galindo’s. Que rico.


Galindos tonight. Mojarra and Molcajete. Yum.


I notice that El Rinconcito now adds 3.5% for credit cards, and 15% tip for dining in. I also noticed that their weekend lamb special has shot up in price much faster than anything else (75% increase over the menus I have, while the Carne Asada has gone up “only” about 33%). As a key metric, tacos are now 10.95 or 11.95 for three of most types.

I never knew this place existed! How does it rank in your Mexican restaurant tier list?

I can’t remember my exact requirements at each level, but this is an authentic Mexican restaurant: menu in Spanish (albeit with translations), Univision on the TV, mostly Mexican clientele, etc. The tacos are soft tacos and come with lime wedges, and radish and cucumber slices. No grilled spring onion last time, but it was a take-out order.

As I have mentioned, its lack of steps and its sufficient nearby parking makes it better for us than Los Corrales or North of the Border, even before I note it’s only about two miles from us.


Check out the thread in the Culture et al category on salsa in Mexico City, and whether they should tone it down for tourists. (My answer is a resounding “No!”)