Mexican Fare in Sunset Park (Brooklyn)


My office recently moved to Sunset Park and I’d love to revisit the Mexican enclave there that I used to enjoy so much when I lived nearby. This is essentially 5th Avenue between 40th and 50th Streets and some offshoots on 4th Avenue. Does anyone have any recommendations? This discussion could be structured as a “top three” kind of thing. Thanks!

The least-known Mexican restaurant deserving of more attention, to my knowledge, is Rinconcito Familiar at 4118 5th Ave. Huaraches are good here. An unadventurous relative ordered a burrito here and it was surprisingly very good as well. I’d have never ordered that at a place like this.

The better-known places I also like are Rico’s Tacos and Tacos el Bronco.

My visits to Tacos Matamoros have been disappointing although I did have excellent tamales there once. I liked those a lot better than the main dishes.

If anyone knows more, I’d love more recommendations. I don’t get to eat out much lately so I haven’t explored much even though I live in this vicinity.

I am curious- what food disappointed at Matamoros?

BTW, has anyone tried the Tacos Los Poblanos truck?

We get to Matamoros regularly. The tacos are very good. The chorizo ones are especially filling and last night I enjoyed a large al pastor taco.

The burritos and cemitas are quite good and last night I had Chicken Monterey, a kind of Mexican chicken parm with cheese and mushrooms that was good.

I was a little disappointed in the chorizo tostada. The taste was good but underlying tortilla was overly thick. It was hard to cut.

The menu is long and we’ve only scratched the surface. Maybe there are some duds on there but so far we haven’t hit them,

I was saying last night that you could eat at a different Sunset Park Mexican place every night and still not be done after 2 years. I’m sure there are lots of other good restaurants.

Hmm, this was a while back, so I don’t remember exactly what we ordered. I’ll ask my friends; maybe they’ll remember. I’m pretty sure we got pollo en pipián verde, which was decent enough but nothing special. The other dishes were more semi-specialized-ish choices along those lines, not like cemitas or tacos. Maybe if we go again we’ll order more like Brooklyn90 did. That might be a better bet. Maybe we were trying to be too fancy or something. Still, I’d put Rinconcito Familiar several notches above this place based on what I’ve tried so far.