Metrowest recommendations private room for 12

I have been tasked with finding a restaurant with a private room for 12 on September 8th, but I simply don’t know many area restaurants. I’ll consider anything from Cambridge to Sudbury.
This is for a small gathering for local family to celebrate a wedding already held thousands of miles away.
I’m Looking for a refined environment with very good food that sophisticated diners might enjoy. Open to all cuisines but lean more towards ethnic over traditional American fare. Price range moderate to expensive.
Any suggestions?

The Bancroft in Burlington has a couple of different spots for groups. And we have found their food to be pretty good.

Il Capriccio in Waltham has a nice private room (maybe multiple?) that can seat 12. Upscale, if not super-adventurous, Italian.

We held an small family event in the private dining room at Menton. Many people don’t consider Menton because they think it will be too pricey. They came up with a very reasonable 3-course menu, and it ended up being less expensive than options that required a buy-out. It was fabulous.

Plus, with all of Barbara Lynch’s problems, Menton may need to be very accommodating to larger parties.

Yangtze River, just off 495 in Littleton, has a private room and good Chinese food unless you are a chilihead.

Chiming in to say that Yangtze River is no more. It had a long run though.

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Too bad. I know the Lexington location is long gone…

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