Metro Detroit / The Rattlesnake Club

Anyone know if the Rattlesnake Club is re-branding itself? (yet again).

I just got a posh coupon card from them offering a 25% discount for total tab, for lunch or dinner for a minimum of two diners. My past experiences there tells me this is a deal.

I’ve always liked this place. Always had great meals served in a courteous and understated way. And, of course, it has that unique–up close Detroit River view

But…it’s no longer The Rattlesnake Club. It’s now called The Rattlesnake.

The card offer I got showed a couple at dinner, dressed in better than Business Casual. Have they chosen to go upscale without a lot of attendant publicity?

No idea. Donna and I went there a number of years ago for DTW and both of us got massively sick from eating there. While I’m sure it wasn’t purposeful, I can never go back there. Strictly off limits.

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Whoa, that’s a caution-inducing tale.

RedJim, and I’m honestly not trying to disparage their name, here. It happened, it’s a shame, but I harbor no ill will towards them. It’s just one of those hurdles that can never be overcome again. It’s a hard-and-fast rule with me regarding restaurants: get me sick off of your food (and we’re not talking heartburn here, we’re talking sick), and I’m done going there.

It’s a very nice place, with a great location, and I’ve had very good service there. Just can’t do it again is all. It’s a burned bridge, unfortunately, even if it was burned accidentally.

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I understand completely, boagman. I did not take your comments here as disparagement, but only a telling of what actually happened to you and your lady.

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