Metro Detroit / Mike's On The Water...

Last day of it’s season is Sunday.

They’re aiming to break the 25,000 sold plateau for their Lobster Rolls before shuttering.

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And they did surpass that plateau! Photo gallery attached.

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When the founder/owner/operator of a business has a vision, and stays with that vision steadily, usually terrific things happen. So it is for Mike’s On The Water. Mike LaFevre opened his namesake restaurant in a small anteroom attached to a sailmakers shop, on a boat canal. In those early years, he had a small menu and big ideas.

Years later, the menu is still small, but tinkered with; guided by the suggestions of scores of boaters that became regulars at the waterside bar.

My first meal here, years ago, was a lunch made up of a Fried Bologna Sandwich washed down by a Dry Gin Martini. I’ve repeated that choice just a couple of times in the intervening years. (most when I’m dining single :rofl: ). These day, and most recently, my Mate and I opt for lunch seating and choose some pretty tasty items from the apps menu section. Our favorites are Mussels, in a White Wine Reduction with garlic butter, house breaded, and lightly fried mushrooms, and Great Lakes Whitefish Dip served with water crackers.

Mike’s is a seasonal business, open when the first boats are dropped into Lake St. Clair, shuttered after the last boat is pulled from the water and shrink wrapped. In the off season Mike adds “stuff” to the space. A lot of it is whimsical and qwerky (a rooftop food truck, a school bus converted into an ice cream shop). Much of it is practical: a reworked and expanded kitchen, a dining patio on the canal, a Tiki Bar that is always filled wall-to-wall with people. The restaurant has become a destination because the owner keeps expanding his vision for the place. Here’s some photos from our last visit: