Metro Detroit / Gilbert's Lodge

Visited this middling bar-restaurant in St Clair Shores on Christmas Eve. Dining room and bar seating was wall-to-wall families and couples at 6 PM. Servers were in overdrive, and a bit frazzled all around. The kitchen thrives by turning out Sandwiches & sides, Pizza, pasta, and a few fish plates. On any given night they offer up to six eclectic specials. There were three of us: Dear Wife, Son, Number 3, and me.

We ordered drinks from the bar, which were prompt in being served: Dry Gin Martini up–no fruit, for me; Southern Comfort Manhattan for the lady; and Jameson’s on the rocks for the son. Very liberal pours on all (nice!)

Son was looking for a Steak dinner. Nope, not a menu choice. He settled for a Fajita meal with a three meat combo. He liked it. I noticed a Beef Tips special sauced with Cognac. Ordered that. Oops, server came back to tell me they sold out. So I went down-scale and re-ordered a Patty Melt, medium rare with Onion Rings. The rings were coated, I did not like them. Food runner apologized when setting my Patty Melt in front of me: “It might be a little rare.” Oh, yes it was, but I had no problem with that. It was tasty.

My wife noticed a different special, Walleye Picante. After assurances from our server that the dish wasn’t overly spiced, that’s what she went with. Pronounced it, “Terrific.”

Gilbert’s has a large and loyal following, so the foods the kitchen plates are without doubt, fresh. Nothing daring either, so there is consistency up and down the menu.

Here’s an “odd” Tomato Bisque Soup two of us ordered.

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Huh. Not familiar with this establishment at all. It does have kind of a catch-all-family-restaurant feeling kind of menu.

Your Patty Melt would have turned my stomach, it was so rare. It wouldn’t have been a hill to die on (they can always throw something back on the grill), but I couldn’t have eaten it that way. Glad you liked it!

That is, indeed, one queer-looking tomato “bisque”. It may very well be a soup, but to call that a “bisque”? I think some liberties were taken. Big liberties. :wink: Though odd, was it at least good? It actually looks like it might taste good, but it’s certainly different that any bisque, anywhere, that I’ve ever seen!

I will say that the fajitas look pretty good, and the walleye piccata might be good as well…it looks a bit heavy, but that might be all right. How much was the walleye?

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Our server offered to do that, but with the mash up of cheese and onions, already grilled, I thought it might get overdone if re-fired.

Agreed. I think it should have been called a “rustic” or “farmhouse” soup; or some such, but it wasn’t a Bisque.


Thank you for the comments, boagman.

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