Metro Detroit / Bellacino's Grinders & Pizza

Most of us here in metro Detroit understand that “Detroit Style” pizza is a really incestuous offering. Started at Buddy’s, carried off to Cloverleaf by a disgruntled partner; swiped by another goomba when he founded Loui’s, and showing up at Shield’s as just another tweek on the recipe. I just have to say, “good on you all”. You all do the city, and Detroit Style pizza proud.

But I’m taking just a moment to recognize a pie originated in West Michigan and pushed into SE Michigan by a very small regional chain. Here is the 16-inch Bellacino’s Pride Pizza, a thin crust gem. This pie deserves to be in any discussion for Best Detroit Pizza! One of the most expensive pies at $17.50 for a 16-inch…but can easily feed four.


Or one hungry ex pat !!!

That looks delish.

Have you been to Bells Greek???

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Is that Ann Arbor?

Grrr. NO !!! East Lansing:

Open till 4 am. It gets interesting around 2am.

Pizza is delicious too.

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As we used to say back in the day, a wolverine is just a large rat on crack !!!

And a buckeye is a hairless nut …

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