Is there any weather-related contraindication to making meringue? My mother always said you couldn’t make it in humid weather, but I just watched several people on The Great British Baking Show making meringues in that tent during a driving rainstorm.
My mother was a good cook, but had several gigantic blind spots about cooking and baking.

You might be able to make it, since the oven will dry it, but it may not keep well, softening or turning sticky rapidly as the sugar absorbs moisture from the air.


I can make meringue when its humid, but it will be noticeably less fluffy, because the humidity literally makes the air heavier, keeping the sponge from attaining the height it would on a dry day.

I notice the same effects with cookies and breads, too.

Obviously this is a genuine issue in Florida, especially this time of year when the humidity runs in the 90s…even in the AC it hovers about 70%