Merida Houston

Five days people, no posts. This one is not earth shattering but here goes.

Merida is on the west end of Navigation in the shadows of El Tiempo and the faux “original ninfas.”

Both were packed at 5 pm Saturday.

The Wifeacita’s and my destination was Merida and we fed on/split queso flameado con chorizo and a cochinito pibil taco a la carte.

Both were delicious with leftover queso flameado.

The chips and salsa are excellent and if you’re not a gringo/gringa they bring out a very spicy version which we cut with some requested onions and cilantro. Ask for that salsa if you come.

Sounds good! I’ve been missing a place I went to for decades called Veracruz. They had great overthetop spicy stuffed jalapeños made by one woman. If she wasn’t there, no jalapeños. It closed last year. :pensive:

Friday I hit El Tiempo to quash a crab craving. So amazing.

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Ah, Col. Oysters. Yes you have mentioned Merida several times. Always welcome reports. I still haven’t been in ages.

Lambsy - they serve crab dishes at El Tiempo??? Who Knew :astonished::smile:.

Where was this Veracruz? I’m sure you mentioned it before.

I have been out only a couple of times and the meals were not memorable. They may be mentioned in passing some day when I report on my ongoing quest for biryani and my further explorations of Teochew cuisine, but not worth writing up on their own.

Since I got my Cuisinart Convection Steam Oven I am spending more time futzing around in the kitchen, pretending to be a cook, and going out less.

LO are you going to start a lunch thread again? I thought it was a useful thread for miscellany.

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You are the first interested party in a 2018 lunch thread. But I will! I love fans of lunch!

Wow, Merida is still there?

I only ate there once and it was forty years ago.

Not even kidding. I was 17 and my folks bought me a beer. A Tres Equis in a heavy metal can, (not aluminum) with lime and salt on top. I’ll never forget it. It was heavenly.

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Yes still there in the shadows of El Tiempo and the not so original ninfas doing a tiny fraction of business the two behemoths do.

I was at Merida in the early 2000’s when Orlando Sanchez ran for mayor and had fly on the wall status as a table next to me of east end powerbrokers kicked around his candidacy. There was underlying support but in the end he was deemed too conservative to get their endorsement.

Underage drinking!? I just dropped the dime on you to TABC, by the way no statue of limitations. You’ re doing time my friend, hard time.

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A picture tells a thousand words, just beautiful.

That flour tortilla was cooked to its perfection.[

I’ll get you my pretty…and your little dog too!

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Incoming swarm of flying monkeys, duck and cover.

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