[Merced] El Sabor De Oaxaca- good mole

I don’t think I really understand mole negro, or mole in general, until I had the mole from El Sabor De Oaxaca in Merced. We’ve had moles in Oaxaca and here in the Bay Area but somehow it was always a little off balanced.

El Sabor De Oaxaca was just right- the many components intricately combined to form a complex, nuanced and delicious mole, that’s not overly sweet and the chocolate perfectly blended in.

Handmade tortillas to mop up all the mole.

They got plenty of tamales here. When we asked which tamale we should order, the server replied with no hesitation, the mole tamale. We asked whether that would be a bit duplicative since we already got the mole plato. But its definitely a good call.

We got a sample of chilacallota, which was a drink made of squash. I think it’s a bit of an acquired taste.

Would definitely come back for the mole again. Its located in the corner and in the back of large mall. So the location was rather lousy, and there wasn’t any other customers during lunch. I hope they can make it.