Mercado & Taquaria de Amigos [Pescadero]

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of lunch found at a gas station in Pescadero. Very good rock cod tacos, chipotle-infused frijoles, and fresh salsas, all at fair prices (particularly if you consider the options across the street at Duarte’s Tavern).


We always eat lunch there when we go to Pescadero. We used to go to Duarte’s, but it got got more and more crowded and expensive, plus the food was generally mediocre, definitely not worth a wait.

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Good to see you here @Civil-Bear!

Those tacos are a great stop.

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Whenever I think of this spot I always recall this article that harkens back to more idyllic times:


Great read, thanks! Would so love to replicate that trip. Wonder how many of those places still exist? Obviously the one in Pescadero does…

Tres Amigos in Half Moon Bay, on Hwy 1 near 92 is a good taco joint that also sells broasted fried chicken. Modest place, good prices and food. Nice to get a taco and FC.

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Wonderful article. Sadly, Ruddell’s in Cayucos, closed a few months ago. I’m still sad. Their smoked shrimp taco was like nothing I’ve ever had before.

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We stop in there sometimes when driving down that way (don’t forget to pick up some artichoke bread). I actually did a taco crawl from SF to LA and back way back in 2008 or 2009 after seeing a NYT article about tacos and this place. As mentioned in the article, the best spot to eat the tacos is up the hill in the old cemetery (some, um, interesting plots up there).

These are from a couple years ago (they don’t have al pastor anymore so my favorites are probably the shrimp, fish, or chorizo).

eta: found the old NYT article! I posted our taco crawl on a board or someplace online (who knows anymore) including a few of the places mentioned. Was a fun drive.


@chiel this is exactly the same article I posted above :nerd_face:

Appreciate the pictures though!

Oh, I only read the OP and replied to that. You get an award for posting the NYT article first. Maybe a taco award? What kind do you want?

Got La Super rica to go last weekend. Isidoro, the owner, told me that they’re celebrating their 42nd anniversary this month. I’ve been going since the beginning and the food has remained unchanged and wonderful. The #16 Superica especial (grilled Pasilla chilies, marinated pork and cheese) the chili relleno, best beans anywhere, some gauc and their salsas and you have the best meal anywhere. They only take cash (and a check if they know you). Isidoro also told me that he just found out that Elizabeth Taylor would send her assistants up to get food to go all the time when she was alive.