Mer & Coquillage in Paris 2e

A friend who is in Paris texted me this morning asking about Mer & Coquillage, a seafood restaurant very conveniently located on rue des Petits Champs in the second arrondissement. I’ve read the reviews on Figaro and Paris by Mouth and it looks fairly decent. It appears to have opened last November after we left Paris, so I have no personal knowledge about it. Has anyone tried it out? (The link below is to the French site. You can access the site in English but it doesn’t have the menu).

(Raising hand) I have. Even though I was disappointed in the very limited (and expensive) oyster choices, I like it a lot for the excellent fish (special mention for the lotte/ monkfish), location, and vibe. Maybe a wee bit on the expensive side but not punishingly so. And I can’t say that it is better (but certainly not worse) than other similar quality fish restaurants like Huîtres et Saumons in Passy village, Seulement Sea in St-Germain-des-Pres, Belle Maison in Sud-Pigalle, etc . A fine addition to the already very enjoyable fish restaurant scene in general and Palais Royal scene in particular.

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Thanks Daniel, good to know. Our friends did end up trying it out and loved it. I think they limited themselves to only oysters and carpaccio for their late evening dinner following lunch at Le Clarence. But they said that the plates at the other tables all looked very good, especially the rouget and lotte (as you mentioned).

This provides a nice option when I don’t feel like trekking out to Belle Maison in the 9th. And I love the fact that M&C is open til 2am, a boon for those looking for dinner after performances in the area.