[Menlo Park] new Uyghur restaurant, Mrs Khan -- anyone been?

Saw a story in thesixfifty.com about two sisters opening an Uyghur restaurant in downtown Menlo Park!

Right now, the restaurant is in its soft-opening phase and the menu has fewer items than it will after its grand opening, likely early in the new year, Almira says. …
The main courses include a Uyghur chicken korma option; laghman, a meat, vegetable and pulled noodle dish; spicy rice noodles; spicy rice cake; polov, a rice pilaf in the Uyghur style; and stir-fry beef noodles.

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Super exciting. Article is a little … wrong… in that there were multiple Uyghur restaurants in Fremont, although might currently be correct as I think all of them closed.

To save anyone a lookup, the location is the old Juban location, next to the ace hardware.

In my typical manner of hyjacking threads,

I have been wondering about the policies around the Santa Cruz picknick tables in front of the walgreens. It seems one can get take-out from Bistro Vida, the new indian place, Chef Kwan’s (most easily, really any place along there), either of the two higher end mexican places… and now this uyghur place, that’s all good, but… what about alcohol? We’ve been allowed to bend the alcohol rules during covid times… there are no package stores on Santa Cruz… probably walgreens has a beer wine selection… as does TJ’s a few steps away… what about a “take out” bottle from Bistro Vida?

If I had to guess, I would suspect the standard open container laws exist and will not be enforced if folks aren’t rowdy. Anyone know more specifically?

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I will try to go some time since I am not far away.

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The new place sounds interesting but the no alcohol part worried me about their long term viability. Any feedback on the new Indian place? I think it’s an offshoot of a place in SF.

went here. it is worth a visit. the menu is very short, and they are disorganized, but the first item chicken korma’ is worth eating. The small is enough for two people. The spices are hard to describe, like szechuan boiled beef but more layers. very good hand pulled noodles (the main dish is chow fun size).

There isn’t any non alcoholic drinks either. pregame or postgame elsewhere. We ordered a tea that never came. i think they have regular jasmine tea, just not on the menu.

There were a number of muslim families, I expect they greatly prefer a restaurant without alcohol, for the kids.


This is from a December lunch from the family. The space was unique and quite pretty. The stir fried beef noodle and the laghman was pedestrian. The laghman tasted devoid of any flavor or salt. The gosh naan was great. The group was still hungry but opted not to order more. The uyghurs in the restaurant looked like were getting the chicken korma. The kitchen was out of polov that day.

Stir fried beef noodle:


Gosh naan:


Strange, I got an email back on Feb 15 from hungryonion with a post by @sck about his visit here, complete with photos, yet I don’t see it here (even though looks like @bbulkow replied to it) – a bug in the system? I can upload if @sck wants me to.
I had lunch here several weeks ago, obviously very slow to post.
@bbulkow enjoyed the chicken korma but being just one person I didn’t try it (seems priced for two people at $34 for the small size). I only had one dish, the laghman, which @bbulkow also described – good hand-pulled noodles with beef, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions. The beef was ok, but the sauce was nice, seasoned with sichuan pepper – I was surprised this was used in Uyghur cuisine, but of course I have no knowledge of it. However, from this blog I learned it is typical:

The historic Silk Road ran through Xinjiang, connecting east and west, and you can taste this passage from one continent to the other in the food. Cumin, Sichuan peppercorns, star anise, black pepper and cardamom season these halal dishes.


We tried Mrs. Khan last week for lunch and yes it’s worth a visit. My family and I are big fans of Uyghur cuisine (truthfully we have had numerous times only in China) but know it to be super delicious and flavorful. We were there for lunch and unfortunately we were one of two tables during the lunch service. Hopefully their dinner service is busier than lunch service. If anyone enjoys Uyghur food I would suggest people go support it. We had their stir fry noodles and Gosh Naan. Noodle had great texture. Both tasty but could have a little bit more punchy in flavor. We ended up using lots of hot sauce. I hear their Chicken Korma and lamb skewers are delicious. I see they have buffet pictures on Yelp just this month so maybe they are trying something different. Got go check it out.


Piggy backing on this thread to say we had a good dinner at Burma Love in Menlo Park last night. The whole Springline development with Canteen, Bare bottles, Robin Sushi and soon to be opened Che Fico is very lively.