[Menlo Park] Mami Chelis- no loroco pupusas but pepperoni?!

I have a bit of mixed feeling about Mami Chelis. Its in Menlo Park, so its the closest pupusa place to me. We ate there a while ago. Its newly opened at the time and got a nice, clean and bright space, unlike many pupusa places that are more hole in the wall.

But when I looked at the menu, I noticed that they didn’t have pupusas with loroco. When I ordered I asked them about it and they sheepishly said they didn’t have it. Huh?!

And today I checked out their website and now they have pepperoni pupusas for a limited time. Huh?! Catering to the gringos eh?

Nonetheless, the pupusas are made to order and they were pretty decent. The tacos were ok but didn’t stand out. The torta had an Acme-like bun with it and didn’t really felt like a torta because of that. Skip the torta.


The pepperoni pupusa:

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Did you think pepperoni worked in the pupusa or was it too (unabsorbed) oily?

Perhaps it will work in the pupusa, but I think it will clash with the curtido since pepperoni is pretty strong by itself. Pupusas I’ve eaten are fairly mellow.