[Menlo Park, CA] Country Corner- cheap and satisfying sandwiches

First, look at the exterior of the store. It looks like some store from a little Western town from a century ago. Looks like it used to serve customers in the horse and buggy days. (Look at their logo!) The building probably has been around since the Camp Fremont days. Now it sits along Alameda de las Pulgas, in a quiet residential neighborhood pretty much just by itself in Sharon Heights.

The tiny grocery store has a deli counter in the back. I got the BBQ beef sandwich ($6)v and the tri-tip steak special ($7) with everything on a Dutch crunch. The BBQ beef sandwich came with a smoky/ sweet/ savory bbq sauce and flavored the beef well. The tri-tip steak was minimally marinated and I’d stick with the BBQ beef or other more strongly flavored options.

They are satisfying sandwiches on their own. But with the price taken into account, they are as cheap or almost as cheap as a Subway footlong, and infinitely more enjoyable. Not aiming to be the best of the Bay Area, but a great value neighborhood sandwich option. They offer tamales too, which are not made on site. I didn’t try.