Mendoker's Bakery Jamesburg - closed

I didn’t get here often, but always enjoyed their delicious bakery items. A real loss for Jamesburg and the surrounding areas.

Just read that article earlier a real shocker. Reading between the lines it sounds like someone has a gambling or drug problem. I’ve got to imagine the business was profitable but the money going to some other purpose. I’m sure the truth will come out over time.

It seems that one by one the good old bakeries are closing. Gaston Avenue in Somerville, Mickies Donut Land on Rt 18, Now Mendokers, I am waiting for Manville Pastry Shop to announce. Soon we will be left with just grocery stores.

They just posted that they are reopening this Sunday, December 18, 2016.


I must say that I recently stopped in and can’t say what is going on. Much less product in the cases, they seem to have lost the desire to run the place. It felt like going into a pizzeria or restaurant the day or two before they are going on vacation, where they may have limited offerings. Has anyone else noticed this about Mendokers?

It’s been the consensus for a while now that it’s not what it used to be.

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