[Memphis , TN] B B King's Blues Club

We’ gone for the music but the food proved to be better than expected. More of that in a moment but, first, the music.

With a 7pm reservation, we caught the last 30 minutes of Memphis Jones’ set. All rock-ish and all the songs tied to Nashville in some way. He and his two fellow musicians were very talented. There was then a 30 minute break while the next act set up. They were the house band – the B B King All Styars 0 and, again, were really talented musicians. They player blues, jazzy numbers.

As for the food, a “southern platter” could be ordered with catfish, chicken or, in this case, shrimp. Breaded fried shrimp, hush puppies.fries, coleslaw. The other dish was “chicken fried chicken”. That’s fried chicken to you and me – batted out till thin, breaded and fried. There’s a remoulade sauce, some fried courgettes and a goodly sized portion of mac & cheese. This is all good and I would have happily settled for a bucket load of the mac & cheese. It was excellent – al dente pasta and a thick flavoursome, thick cheese sauce.

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